Rathmines Massage
Rathmines Massage
Rathmines Massage


There are a great number of benefits, both physically and psychologically, to having routine or even periodic massage therapy at Rathmines Massage.

Massage therapy help relax muscles and surrounding tissue but it can also help reduce anxiousness and tension resulting from the stresses of daily life.

Here at the Rathmines Massage our therapists offer many different types of massage therapy. Patients will have access to swedish massage , deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, remedial massage, head and neck massage, relaxation and sports massage therapy as well.

Health and wellness go beyond stress relief.

At Rathmines Massage we look beyond the symptoms and into the heart and soul of health. We believe it’s time for common sense to return to healthcare and honour our connection with nature.

If you’re ready to reclaim your health and happiness then explore the many enlightened natural healthcare.

Assessment and begin your journey to wellness.


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